About me


I’ve always had passion for learning languages.  As someone who has learnt English from early childhood I can easily relate to the challenges students face and I can provide adequate support.  I get a great sense of achievement when I see my students making progress.


I hold Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Belgrade University.  I’ve recently obtained two TEFL certificates (140 hours).  I’ve lived in the USA for almost 5 years where I worked mostly secretarial type of jobs.


I’ve been teaching English for over 20 years, mostly in private language schools where I taught all levels and ages.  Since 2015, I’ve been teaching online one-to-one, mostly professionals from Italy, Spain, Brazil, Russia, Egypt and Serbia.


I use a variety of methods and techniques to create unique lesson plans according to individual needs of my students.


I’ve dedicated my time to planning unique lessons and helping students develop effective communication skills.  I pride myself in improving their lives and careers.


I love music and arts.  I like reading literature, philosophy, psychology.  I’m interested in a healthy lifestyle, travelling and exploring different cultures, free energy, new technology, construction engineering, architecture, interior design.  I like cooking, making mosaics, hiking and spending time in nature.  I’m always curious to learn new things that broaden my horizons.


Enhance your English speaking skills

You’ve studied English at school but you feel like your tongue is tied and you can’t speak? You need a personal tutor to show you efficient strategies to speak fluently! Learn from an experienced teacher in a relaxed atmosphere using personalized theme-based contexts.
Whether you want to refresh your speaking skills before going on holiday or need to prepare for a job interview or, simply, wish to take part in a large international community that communicates in English – whatever your needs may be, I will help you reach the next level of your personal growth!

Efficient Learning Strategies

You don’t want to waste your time and energy on studying grammar rules or learning from the general text-books that have little to do with you. Focus on your needs and preferences in one-on-one online lessons.
During my long teaching experience I’ve learned that students benefit from theme based lesson plans in multiple ways. They focus on the situations (the contents) and remember the vocabulary and grammar structures (the form) so much easier. Language is only a tool for communicating ideas, therefore it is only natural to have a meaningful conversation so that the form is picked up by the brain unconsciously. These lessons are not only effective but also very engaging.
I’ve also developed very good strategies for practicing listening, pronunciation and intonation so that you can sound like a native!




“Natasha is amazing, professional, responsible teacher and a very nice person. I’ve had lessons with her for a year and a half every working day so I was able to see her passion for teaching English because she always did her best! She has helped me a lot to improve my English and I’m very happy with her! I recommend her 100%.”

German O. – Spain


“The lessons are always fun and interesting! We talk about everything, share values and ideas, have a cultural exchange. All these things make learning English so pleasant and simple! Furthermore, Natasha is very dedicated and always recommends nice contents for homework. I really feel that I have improved my speaking skills a lot. As a result, now I feel like I’m part of the large community around the world that uses English.“

Fabricio P. – Brazil


“Natasha is a great English teacher. She is very professional, responsible, communicative and passionate about teaching. She worked for my online school for a year and was well liked by the students. I would highly recommend her. It was a pleasure working with her!”

Bruno. Y., CEO of Mr. English online School – U.S.A.


“She is inspiring, kind, fun and great teacher. It has been perfect to have private lessons with her. She has helped me understand English language better and was very patient!”

Angelo C. – Italy


“Before I started with Natasha’s lessons I couldn’t speak English at all. Since the first day she adapted to my level and, almost immediately, I started feeling better about myself. She is serious and responsible but at the same time makes the classes fun and enjoyable. We talk about different topics and the conversation always flows easily. She sent me exercises for homework to reinforce and improve faster. I wish I could have more free time for the lessons with her. Bravo Natasha!”

Alicia M. – Spain


“I hesitated for too long to start learning English because I felt so insecure about myself. I was dwelling on this problem when I heard about Natasha from my colleague. After the first lesson, I already felt better about myself because she had the right approach – simple, informal and yet highly professional. She helped me a lot to start communicating in English and she motivates me to continue improving. I’ve been taking English lessons with her for two years, twice a week and was never bored. On the contrary, our conversations are so engaging that i always find it surprising how time flies. You can learn a lot from her on variety of topics. I am always looking forward to our next lesson.”

Ruža M. – Serbia


“Tammy feels she is motivated to talk with others in English, the teacher is so kind and so patient to guide her to describe what she wants. A step by step approach is very useful for Tammy. As a shy girl, she has become more brave and more confident now!

Thank you Natasha! “

Tammy – China

My teaching style



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